Mineral Processing Industry

Applicable Industries

More than just a mineral processing equipment supplier, Multotec supplies its leading equipment and solutions to industries around the world.

Our decades of application knowledge paired with our team of sales and technical engineers have allowed us to customise, redesign and retrofit our equipment to the world’s major industries.

Our aim is to help our customers extract maximum value from all processes, from water treatment to power generation.

Discover Multotec’s approach to multiple industries below:

Mineral Processing Industry

Our core business revolves around the supply of products and services to the mining and mineral processing industries.

  • Total mineral processing optimisation
  • Processing plant utilisation
  • Overall process cost reduction

    Power Generation Industry

    We enhance power generation plant performance for a lower unit cost through an array of robust and reliable processing solutions, including:

    • Both raw coal transfer systems
    • P.F. handling equipment

    Process Water Treatment

    Our approach to process water treatment is to alleviate water shortage issues and to encourage sustainable development around the world. 

    Defence and Security  

    We have partnered with law enforcement, military, and defence agencies since the 1980s, providing leading Moh-9 amour ceramics, body and vehicle armour.

    Chemical Industry

    We have supplied petrochemical, power generation and mining industries with our range of wear resistant linings for over 40 years.

    • Engineered with a combination of rubber, steel, polyurethane and ceramics
    • Ceramic tiles assembled piece-by-piece to prevent tramming and turbulence to ensure even flow

    Tailored manufacturing solutions

    As a complete equipment provider partnering you for the entire life of your plant, Multotec deploys its expert manufacturing capabilities to tailor an expansive product range to the requirements of your operation. Multotec favours a systems approach to drive value in its client solutions, understanding process flow sheets in order to manufacture solutions that are defined by the specifics of each application.

    Achieve your business goals, in any industry, with Multotec!
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